Direct To Garment Printing

What is DTG printing you ask?

DTG printing is the process of printing graphics directly onto garments. It uses special inkjet printer to print whatever graphic you want onto the shirt. Basically, a giant inkjet printer, that can print on shirts and other garments.

Before a shirt can be printed with this printer, it is sprayed with what we call a pretreat. It helps matte down the fibers of the shirt and gives the printer a surface to print on. Without using pretreat, the ink would soak into the fabric and you would lose all detail and just look bad. The shirts must sit for 24 hours to fully cure and then they can be given to the customer. The customers job is to wash these shirts to remove the pretreat, leaving a nice print!

With DTG printing there is no setup fee, but the shirts will cost a little more than screen printed shirts do to the high ink cost. Please contact us if you have any questions about this type of printing process or if you need a quote.